on ebay

In case some people were confused by my not wanting to bid a couple of dollars to get a one of a kind towel dress, here are my rules of ebaying. I have to have rules you see because I am an addict. I check ebay at least once a day. If there weren’t rules, I would be broke.

First, no bids over $5.

Second, no bids on items with shipping more than $7 (the dress yesterday had $11 shipping)

Third, no items located outside the US.

Fourth, no bidding on more than three items at a time.

There are a few exceptions to the rules. For example a couple of times a month I will do designer specific searches and if I find something I want (in particular I tend to covet Vivienne Westwood) then I will bid up to $25 on an item.  The shipping rules also ends to adjust depending on item (I will pay more to ship boots than a shirt).


One Response to on ebay

  1. Natalie says:

    Now I understand!

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