it’s over, let it begin again

I’ve now listened to all 4,854 songs on my ipod in alphabetical order of albums. It took me about 6 months. Before that I listened in order of song title.

I wanted to go next to listening by Artist and then I was thinking Genre. But sadly I just discovered a flaw in the ipod design. It won’t automatically arrange them in the way I want. If I choose Artist and then All Songs I find them arranged in order of Album.

Ah, well.


One Response to it’s over, let it begin again

  1. germy says:

    genre will be tricky – i’m betting its a user defined field so depending on where you got the music – ripped or itunes or dl, the file will have an associated genre that may or may not be consistent throughout an artist’s catalog. or to put it another way, unless you’ve fixed it yourself, regina spektor could show up in adult contemporary, indie, singer-song writer, or, if the person plugging it in didn’t care, it might not have an associated genre at all, or maybe the default (rap? who knows).

    maybe not though.

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