biggest fan in dc

one ring zero

There is no doubt I am One Ring Zero’s biggest fan in DC. I’ve been following the boys on One Ring Zero since seeing them do back up for Clay McLeod Chapman’s Pumpkin Pie Show freshman year at SLC. I was gleeful when they released As Smart As We Are. The clever instrumentation mixed with the literary lyrics still make me smile when the songs come up in my ipod (now on alphabetical order). They played the Jewish Music Festival in 2005 and there I was in the front row with a huge grin on my face. So, I was excited to find they were coming back to the J with Myla Goldberg (Bee Season, Wickett’s Remedy) for Nextbook.

I went downstairs early to help out and found myself ridiculously tongue tied. ‘Say hi, introduce yourself’ my brain said. ‘No’ It answered right back as my face turned red ‘just go to the kitchen and wash the fruit.’

Here’s the thing, I’m shy but I’m not THAT shy. I can talk to people. I’ve met and worked with dozens of ‘famous’ people. I have worked with hero’s of mine (Wendy Wasserstein, Jules Fieffer) but I can’t go and introduce myself to two musicians who I admire.

Actually I did talk to them. I had shown Myla Goldberg to a room to wait for the event to start (I had no problem talking to her – even though I think she’s an amazing writer and I love both of her books). So a half hour or so before the event started the ORZ guys (Josh and Michael – I do know their names) were wandering around looking lost. I walked over, the red of my face clashing with the green of my sweater.

‘I brought Myla to a room to wait’ I stuttered out, avoiding eye contact. ‘It’s just down there and to the left.’ I finish and turn around as I hear them say thanks. I didn’t help them find the room and I certainly did not let on that this was probably going to be the sixth time I’ve heard them play and that, oh yeah, I’m their biggest fan in DC.

Anyway, they are coming back. Next Friday, February 16, 2007 at 9:30. In Takoma Park at Sangha. I’ll be there, turning bright red and stuttering.

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2 Responses to biggest fan in dc

  1. germy says:

    Hannah dear, its called a crush. little to do with fame, and everything to do with attraction. Not that I have a shred of advice to help you overcome such awkwardness. Just embrace it. Or else get some liquid courage in ya before the next show. I mean if you’re gonna be bright red anyway…

  2. ARH says:

    One day I will tell you about when I met the Kingston Trio.

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