freedom of Jewish speech

A group of British Jews calling themselves the Independent Jewish Voices are speaking out about the need for discussion regarding Israel.  The group includes theatrical folk Stephen Fry, Harold Pinter, Mike Leigh and Zoë Wanamaker.

 Their declaration says what I wish more Jews would say:

It is imperative and urgent that independent Jewish voices find a coherent and consistent way of asserting themselves on these and other issues of concern. We hereby reclaim the tradition of Jewish support for universal freedoms, human rights and social justice. The lessons we have learned from our own history compel us to speak out. We therefore commit ourselves to make public our views on a continuing basis and invite other concerned Jews to join and support us. (read the full declaration)

It is not productive and not healthy to keep our discomfort to ourselves. And it’s not productive to label any discomfort with the situation as anti-Israel, anti-Zionist or anti-Semitic. I consider myself both pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian. I am pro-Justice and pro-Human Rights.  And I want to talk about it.


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