sex or shoes?

Ms Rose, of the blog Her History, linked earlier this week to this: Women on average say they would be willing to give up sex for 15 months for a closet full of new apparel.

My first response was shocked that anyone would even put time into such a survey. Then I was angry about the shallowness of women that the article implied. I read the article to my office – 6 very different women (ages, sexuality, relationship status). They too laughed at the ridiculousness and implied misogyny of the article. But when I read:

Almost three-quarters of respondents, or 70 percent, also said they believed in love at first sight when it came to finding the perfect article of clothing, while only 54 percent of women were as confident in spotting the right man.

“Yes,” one responded, “that is totally true.” So maybe there is some truth there. Maybe women would rather have something they know will make them happy rather than someone who may potentially hurt them. But I’m waiting to see the survey of men saying they would rather give up sex for tickets for their favorite sporting event. Because that would only be fair.



3 Responses to sex or shoes?

  1. germy says:

    Your first link is busted.

    While I agree that the article and survey are wicked shallow, I missed the misogyny. Maybe its because I’m a dude and have some vestigial misogyny baked in. I suppose thats probable.

    Two reactions:
    I would be interested to know if the women surveyed would be equally as willing to give up dating as they were sex – neither are very good at mapping to whether they’d be willing to give up “love”, but maybe its a bit more inclusive.
    Also, its apples and oranges. I suppose thats the survey’s flaw. “love” at first sight of a piece of clothing is not the same thing as “Love” at first sight of another human. Or at least I hope it isn’t.

    I wouldn’t give up sex for tickets to any sporting event, but I might for tickets to see Tom Waits. I don’t know about 15 months, though. A closet full of clothes – no way. But what does a closet full of designer fashion go for these days?

    Also, define sex.

  2. hanvnah says:

    link fixed! (I’m a good blogger I am)

    in response –
    The misogyny is in the assumption that all women are emotionally attached to their wardrobes. That shopping and new clothing is all that women desire. Just like as I implied that all men are sports fans.

    germy’s biggest question was about the definition of sex. and yes, well, that is the question. I took it to be standard intercourse- though I do question if all the women asked were straight. My co-workers certainly are not and I assume that sexuality was irrelevant.

    so here’s the thing about love at first sight – at least in my mind. I do believe in lusting after and item of clothing. And I have to say, I believe in it as much as I believe in lusting after a person. In both cases however there is no way of knowing that it is perfect. After all neither may fit well when taken home or may change with time.

    As for me my answer is no, I wouldn’t give up anything for new clothing. I like clothing but, though my ebaying may make it seem otherwise, I have no emotional attachment to any garment.

  3. i, of course, have little to add other than that i would give up sex for an indeterminate amount of time (a year? probably not, but i could do 3-6 months) for an entirely new wardrobe. boys like me are always the exception to the rule.

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