just in (times two)

Not all ebay purchases are for daily wear. here are two new examples of dresses i bought more for collecting than wearing.

gold lace 40s dress

1940’s gold lace dress
the dress is a little big in the bodice so I don’t think it looks great on but the details are so sweet!
detail 40s dress
I love the pointy collar with the beading on the tips.
back flap 40s dress
the dress also has a great back flap which gives the skirt some movement.

the next dress is one that may be even more difficult for me to wear (though it may make a Halloween appearance as a witches dress). But I love having it.
betsey johnson 80s dress
The dress is vintage 80s Betsey Johnson. It has a high neck, two layer skirt, back slit, and the cut of the sleeves is amazing. It is totally unattractive and unwearable but I love it a little.


3 Responses to just in (times two)

  1. dude, i don’t know WHAT you’re talking about. everything about that betsey johnson dress is brilliant and i will be extremely disappointed if i don’t see it on you in person sometime soon.

  2. Eric says:

    I like how you take your pictures!

  3. germy says:

    the gold lace and pointy collar are totally sweet. If you’re concerned about the fit through the bodice, you should have it altered or something. Or maybe take some lessons and do it yourself. With as much as you purchase on Ebay, i think learning how to do that stuff would be very valuable.

    Maybe I’m underestimating the work involved. I often do that.

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