a new brother

That’s right. Ari told me during our dramaturgical spat the other day that he realized he was fighting with me as a sibling. Don’t you wish you were lucky to have a boss who’s also a brother?

Anyway, I don’t have much time to write but wanted to point you all to Ari’s newest blog where he describes the tensions and glories of the process of EITHER OR in detail. As he says though, the fights seem to be worth it because the show really is taking shape.

Now back to writing my dramaturgy page for the program.

(oh, and Ari please, when you read this, please do not even consider linking to it from the Theater J blog, please)


3 Responses to a new brother

  1. ARH says:

    I just read the two entries on the Theater J blog by Ari and Hannah on the rehearsal process for Either/Or. And think that all of Hanvnah’s readers should go there to see how she has been spending her time.

    And, as to sibling sparring, Hannah, you have had years of now and then practice in that department, haven’t you?

  2. michelle says:

    thanks dad

  3. tellari says:

    all in the family! Hannah, did you know I already have two younger sisters? They’ve beaten me up my whole life. Of course, it’s all been in response to my severe brothering of them in the crib. I’m glad you’re doing such a good job. And I hope the whole world hears this: Those program notes you just wrote, and then rewrote, are the best program notes you’ve ever done; or that we’ve ever published. So congrats.

    See art? A little warfare goes a long way!

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