almost too tired to type

I have not been getting enough sleep. The past few nights have been fitful hours here and there. There’s a little too much swimming around in my head at the moment; much of it Holocaust related. I’ve also brushed aside some tasks that I really had better get a move on, how hard should it be for me to get to the bank to deposit checks?

Some of the sleep deprivation has been caused by lovely fun things, so I guess I shouldn’t complain. Tuesday night Lily and I hosted a Clothing Swap. We had over 15 swappers in all and a huge pile of women’s and men’s wear built up on the floor. One man’s trash in another man’s treasure. Tuesday evening also being the last night of Passover, gave me the chance to eat everything that was forbidden in the past 8 days; bread, beer and nachos. Thursday I also had a lovely night spending some quality time with Nina, eating falafel and drinking Manhattans.

Last night I went to the Cat to see the Junior Boys and Jeremy, Robert and I tried to recreate this:

(Junior Boys and Godard Mashup)

Due to lack of a dance rehearsal and some rather sad skills we just ended up bumping into people and looking a bit like fools. But all is well, and it was a great concert. A couple hours later though I made one of the worst mistakes of my life: I ate my first and last Big Mac. Never again will I put such nastiness in my body. I completely blame my hangover today on that rather than the drinks. Really, why do people eat that crap?

Anyway, hoping to catch up on my sleep tonight and tomorrow as this week coming up is the ‘Week of the Pretty Dresses.’ Helen Hayes Awards, Nina’s Birthday and the JCC GALA all in one week. Many pretty dresses, many late nights, a couple of open bars. Should be fun.


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