breath in, breath in, breath out.

well, this has been a week.  (and get ready ’cause this is a bit of a monster blog entry) so breath in, breath in, breath out.

I wanted to write it up but don’t know how or where to start. I have to mention the horror’s that happened at Virginia Tech.  When working on a play about meaningless death being confronted with it in the world certainly does not help put one in an upbeat mood.

Speaking of the play, it’s coming along but the process has been very stressful. Tom is a wonderful collaborator and I enjoy working with him. The work that the whole team has done is great but the lack of time is starting to get very frustrating. The actors, I think, are feeling the stress of rewrites the most as they wonder if we will ever let them just rest and memorize their lines. But, I’m happy to report that as of yesterday we ‘froze’ the script. Some changes will still be made as we tighten the show up, mostly made during previews when we can get the audience’s feedback.  But we now have a clean script and that is very good and exciting news.

It’s particularly relieving to me as I’m taking off tomorrow for two days. A quick jaunt to NY to worship at the feet of Jarvis Cocker. Those who know me well will know how important this is to me. Since high school I’ve been a huge fan of Pulp and Jarvis. Having the chance to see him live is amazing.  Even better is the number of friends who will be joining me. I’m heading up with three of my best DC friends and will be meeting up with a number of close New Yorkers as well.  As odd as it may sound, Jarvis has been the catalyst to many of my close friendships. My friendships with (i’m probably missing some) Brian, Liz, Brett, Mark, Alexander, Eliza and most recently Robert have grown deep over a mutual love of Pulp and Jarvis.

But back to the last week, I earlier named the week “the week of the pretty dresses.” Not only was this week busy with rehearsal and work, this week was the biggest party week of the year.

Monday night was the Helen Hayes Awards.  Which I lovingly refer to as the drunken theater prom. And it was at that as this photo can attest to:

jessi, me, michael

Last year I only got a handful of photos so this year I made it a mission to get more. Almost everyone I spoke with mid-conversation I pulled out my camera and said “i’m going to take your picture.” I ended up with a great collection of drunken theater portraits which you can enjoy by clicking here.

The awards themselves were very exciting. A number of people whose work I admire won this year. I was very excited with the cast of The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui winning the new Outstanding Ensemble Award. The show, done by Catalyst Theater was hands down the best thing I saw all year. Plus, the cast was filled with people I love and have worked with before. It’s very exciting to see your friends on stage accepting an award and I hope it happens more and more in the future.

Event number two of the week was Nina’s 25th birthday celebration. The festivities began with dinner at Jackie’s in Silver Spring and concluded with dancing at St X.  Nina looked beautiful and it was great to see so many people come out on a weeknight.

nina and james

The third event of the week was the 10th anniversary Gala for the J. The event featured 10 top DC chef’s. The Washingtonian had a run down of the whole event here. It was a lovely night and I ate and drank some wonderful food. My personal favorites were Palena’s pastry chef Ann Amernick’s heavenly mushroom puff pastries and the the Eamonn Cocktail.  I didn’t get any photos at the event but I took this charming shot of my feet when I returned home.

i love my shoes

So, that was more or less my week. I’ve still to write about The Director which I saw Friday night, my run ins with pirates, and the J on Demand screening of the Goonies last night. But all of that will have to wait for another time. Now I must finish up some work in the office so I don’t feel to guilty taking off for a few days.


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