home at last

I’m home after a 141/2 hour day. Well, a bit less, because you have to take out the 20 minutes I spent at the gym, the 10 minutes I spent in the shower and the 15 minute trip to whole foods. So, the 13 hours and 45 minute day. Oh, but there are still line notes to be typed up before I get to sleep. So add back another half hour. 14 hours and a quarter.

When I’m in the middle of tech week I start to wonder why I chose to go into theater. I think we may all be masochists. We get off on the pain we inflict on ourselves. Worrying about every little detail. Not taking the time to eat, sleep, use the bathroom.  Frequently when I’m in tech for a show I start to wonder what other jobs I’m qualified for. I’ve done retail but that’s it. I’ve really only done theater. But I know that this time tomorrow I’ll know why I stay. I’ll still be tired. But we will have had an audience. Sharing a story. The communal ritual act of theater. That’s what I’m there for. And this will be an interesting show to see with an audience. It’s brutal. To sit in an audience and see into the concentration camps. To start to feel sympathy with a Nazi. We’re asking a lot of our audience and hopefully they are up for it.

Another thing that sucks about the long hours of tech week: I miss out on things I want to see. I’ve already missed a bunch of theater. I have at least two shows I know I’m going to see the week after EO is open. Last night we did get out early so I was able to go to the XX show. Though I was sad I couldn’t participate beyond my light board skills.

But what really makes me sad is what I’m missing tomorrow night:

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names is a band I’ve been digging for some time now. They are Swedish so you can imagine they don’t play States side that often. And they are playing tomorrow/today/Wednesday night at the Red and the Black. And I’m going to miss it.  Someone out there, please go.  Tell me how they are live and make me incredibly jealous.


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