even though i don’t really care

here’s what the critics have to say (i’ll update as they come in):

nothing good is said by the city paper.

‘Either Or’ powerful, provocative, chilling – the washington jewish week

“A powerful holocaust play impeccably performed” –Potomac Stages

Mr Marks is at it again. Though it’s not a hideous review.

“Theater J is to be commended for presenting a play whose subject matter might deter audiences. That would be a pity because it is truly a privilege to see a play—a world premiere yet—as good as this one in such an intimate space.” –washingtonian.com

And this from “Artistically Speaking” – a review by Marilou Donahue of the National Press Club.
“The world premiere of Thomas Keneally’s play Either Or at Theater J is powerful. It is great story telling, presenting a vivid portrayal of Nazi Germany. It has an extremely talented cast, with special kudos to Paul Morella in the lead role. Daniel De Raey is the excellent director. This play is thought-provoking and will leave you moved by reminding you of man’s inhumanity to man. It is stark, stirring and shattering. You should not miss Theater J’s production of Either Or.

It’s not a review but you can listen to the playwright on NPR yesterday.


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