ready, set, write

eurotransient made me aware that the month of June is script frenzy month. To participate you have a month to write a 20,000 word play or screen play. I wish I had the time to participate I have a couple of plays bubbling under the surface. But those plays that have already been written, not by me, are requiring my time. If you feel like joining in the writing fun or not check out the website. They have a nifty plot generating machine. I hope someone writes a play with the plot I just got:

Deep in the sewers of Paris a seriously lost Bedouin tribe travels back in time to kill Hitler.

I think it may fit the J’s mission.  Write it up!

One Response to ready, set, write

  1. The Older Hessel says:

    But discovered that Hitler was not in Paris, so they murdered Cardinal Richelieu instead.

    I think I will skip that website.

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