awesomely. bad.

last night was forum’s awesomely bad ball.  It was rather awesome. and not so bad at  all.  Thanks to generous donors and board members we were able to hold it at the Kennedy Center. The ball invitation left the dress up to the guests, and there were some very creative folks in attendance. From beach black tie (tux jackets and cut off shorts) to ball gowns to T-shirts there was great variety. I’m happy to say that not only did we make some money on the 70+ items auctioned, but it looks like we also made some  connections.

The night made me very glad to be a part of Forum. The company members are all such great people. It is a scrappy little company and has many small young company quirks but it’s a good group of varying talents and ambitions. and like I said, I’m glad to be among them and am looking very forward to the upcoming season.

One Response to awesomely. bad.

  1. michelle says:

    i like the word “scrappy”

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