countdown to 26

as many of you know yesterday was my 26th birthday (golden birthday – 26 on the 26th). I decided on May 26 that I would take a picture of everything I wore from that date until my birthday. The collection now lives as a visual diary of the last month of 25. A weird month it was too, for reasons varied that I refuse to go into on a forum as public as a blog.

I didn’t take the pictures just to be a visual diary but also so I could be more mindful of my dressing. I wanted to remind myself of my love of fashion, of thrifting, of vintage and of sewing. The mission was successful since it did lead me to some nice purchases and some creations of my own. My favorite looks are below, visit the full set here.

6/1 day6/8 night6/16 night6/226/23 night6/26 birthday dress


2 Responses to countdown to 26

  1. sas says:

    Sorry I missed the festivities yesterday. Dang it for rehearsals and busy schedules. See you soon I hope, would love to buy you a belated birthday drink.

  2. gwen says:

    I as well, am very sad to have missed the fun. Can I take you out for dinner before our playdate on Saturday?

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