good reviews make me a happy girl

two shows. two great new reviews. no excuses, kids. if you are in dc, see one of these two shows in the next couple of weeks. really. see them. really. go. order tickets. show up. see some good theater.

Pangs of the Messiah: after a good review in the post last weekend, we have a great review in the city paper this weekend:

What makes Pangs of the Messiah a downright triumph is how the family’s identity and the nature of those pressures…transform their intimate little tragedy into an epic on a Shakespearean scale. It’s frightening, and moving, and all too potentially real. Read the review.

Valparaiso: the post came to see the show Saturday night. It took them this long to post a review. But it’s a great review! I really enjoy the show, the actors are great, it’s very funny and bizarre. I’m going to be leading a post-show discussion tomorrow night so come and see it!

…as performed by Forum Theatre and Dance, it’s a razor-sharp show. Director Michael Dove’s production at the H Street Playhouse is smartly conceived and flawlessly executed. Read the full review

btw. trip to nyc was a success, though way too short. pictures from becca’s birthday are here.


One Response to good reviews make me a happy girl

  1. joewalt says:

    Hey! I started a blog here. Trying out some different kinds of writing. I don’t think it’s worth looking at yet, but you know, soon.
    Wish I were there to go see the excellent theatre. I’ll be in DC July 26th on, trying to get a job in NY.

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