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Tickets for Capitol Fringe went on sale yesterday. And if it’s not enough for me to bug you two readers about seeing my two shows (Pangs and Valparaiso) now there are dozens of shows to see all within just a weeks span.

I will be working all through fringe so don’t think I’m going to make it to see much. The J is having a number of it’s own fringe offerings (at both the j and at busboys). The two among them I am most looking forward to are Ariel Sharon Hovers Between Life and Death and Dreams of Theodor Herzl. Good title yes? It’s a new play by David Zellnik and is a devestating look at the lost dreams (and current nightmare?) of the Zionist movement. I’m also super excited for the return of Yuri Lane – the human beatbox – His amazing show From Tel Aviv to Ramallah: A Beat Box Journey was done my first year at the J. His ability to create a soundtrack of lives on both sides of the fence and create a moving story is amazing and earned the show a Helen Hayes nomination for best new play.

There are two non-J show I know I’m going to attend. The first is Cautionary Tales for Adults and the Many Adventures of Trixie Tickles Brought by the Bouncing Ball Team of Titus and Lunch fame. It’s got a great cast and I’m totally excited to see it. Luckily it’s being done at Source which is just a hop skip and jump from my house. City Mouse has been blogging rehearsals over at DC Theatre Scene.

I’m also really excited for The Pabst and Popcorn Hour adaptation of the Tragedy of Doctor Faustus besides PBR and popcorn you get with your ticket, it’s been put together by a great group of people. They are doing performances all over the city both during and before official fringe. You can find all the info here. I’m going to try to make it to one of the DCAC performances next week.

If I had all the time in the world I would also go see Solas Nua’s The Drunkard, Liz Lerman Dance Exchange’s The Farthest Earth From Thee: REMIXEDHappenstance Theatre’s Low Tide Hotel, Callie Kimball’s Nutshell which contains half of the actors in DC including many friends, The Neo-futurists Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind (30 Plays in 60 Minutes) at Woolly, and The Trojan Women. There are I’m sure many great things to see which I know nothing about. The full listing is here.

Buy Tickets by calling 866-811-4111 visiting the Box Office at 507 7th st or going HERE. Keep up-to-date by reading Fringe and Purge at the City Paper.

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  1. nora says:

    hi hannah,
    this is gwen’s friend nora. I followed you here from gwen web site, I wanted to tell you how much I like what you’re writing here, and how interesting and well-done it is. I just took a job at the Journal of Palestine Studies, and a lot of what you talk about touches on a lot of what I read at work. anwyays I’m glad you’re writing so openly on Israel/MidEast stuff, and I hope we get to talk more some time. and, of course, I wanna support the jarvis love.

    I think gwen and I might come to see Pangs of the Messiah this weekend, so maybe I’ll see you then? sorry to be a stalker :). take care,

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