damned fringe

I’ve got an hour before I have to get to work for another 12 hour day of Fringe fest goodness. We’ve had three shows at the J since Fringe began – Sharon/Herzl on Friday: I’m really glad we are doing this show, the cast and direction is great, the script is powerful and entreating. But I must admit Friday I only watched act one. It’s rather longer than the average fringe show and sadly, I am not a woman of leisure who can sit around and watch theater on a Friday afternoon. So before the first Zionist convention I was back at my desk updating the J’s blog and website.

Yesterday we opened Pangs up to a fringe audience – offering both regular priced tickets at the door and the $15 fringe tickets if bought in advance through fringe (same deal for today’s final matinée). And as the Pangs audience left another audience arrived all coming to see the return of From Tel Aviv to Ramallah: A Beatbox Journey. It was great to see Yuri and Sharif again and the show is just as mesmerizing at it ever was. Tel Aviv/Ramallah was the first show at the J when I started working there, it’s been four years but I realized watching it how much has stuck with me.

And today 5 different shows are happening. Deep breath.

I did get the chance before all the madness hit to see two of the other fringe shows I was looking forward to seeing: Cautionary Tales for Adults and the Many Adventures of Trixie Tickles and The Pabst and Popcorn Hour adaptation of the Tragedy of Doctor Faustus. Both were what fringe is about, cutting edge work that’s fun to see and a little bit participatory – or in the case of Faustus (a lot). The problem with knowing people in theater – they drag you up on stage. But I think I “confessed my sins” admirably and got compensated with an extra bottle of PBR.

My Faustus ‘damned’ handstamp and a new kinderegg toy – one of our interns went to london for the week and brought me back three! I love interns.


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