gawker is trying to piss me off

First they have the SLC vs Weslyan battle to the death for the most Annoying Liberal Arts College. I can handle that. After all, there is no doubt that SLC is annoying. The amount of times I’ve said to people “We didn’t have majors.” I know it, we are/were annoying.

Then they had their “Jewish” postings hovering around the corners of offensive.

And now they are having a ranking to find out which city sucks the most DC or Boston. This following a posting on why they avoid DC. Man, mess with my college, mess with my religion. But don’t mess with my city.


2 Responses to gawker is trying to piss me off

  1. sas says:

    Ahh, yeah, but you do have to admit–they are kind of right. When I was first moving to DC a NY friend called it “the land that fashion forgot”, and while you and Cesar and Casie Platt do marvelous things to prove that wrong, it is not possible, I think, to correct the style sins of the rest of the population. Myself included. And don’t even talk to me about Silver Spring. Ecch.

  2. natalie says:

    ummm thats so weird because I like both of those cities…a lot.

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