i’m back

returned from Spain last night. It was a great trip and I will try to write it all out in detail in the coming days. I’m in the process of loading my hundreds of photos to flickr now.

The short version of the trip: lots of wine, lots of food (but only a little great food), lots of art, reconnecting with an old friend, lots of walking,  a bit of shopping, amazing architecture, fascinating history.

On a different note: I’m sure by now you’ve seen the preview for the Invasion. I’m actually really looking forward to seeing it. DCers are all up in arms about the errors in portraying our city but it’s hard not to be pleased that they used some local actors. That zombie screaming through the door is none other than Field Blauvelt. A very talented actor and friend who I’ve worked with on a number of shows. Go Field!

One Response to i’m back

  1. The Older Hessel says:

    You appear to have a very handsome family. Except for your father, who really looks like a sourpuss.

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