the best idea ever

sitting at the bar with anarchvist, I came up with the best idea ever. and he helped too!

Wouldn’t it be great to permanently combine two of my loves:

I want a library bar! So here’s the idea: a comfortable bar surrounded in books that doesn’t just use those books as a gimmick. This is the bar you go to and read. It’s the bar you go to when you don’t want to deal with loud music and crowds. It’s the bar that you go to for studying. For finding other like minded people. Who wants a coffee shop anymore? come to the bar!

The bar would be lined in books. Seating will be at long tables with those downward pointing lights and at a handful of plush chairs. The bar would have a long running community service aspect with a special drink deal for people who bring in two books to be donated to prisons or public schools. It would have a couple of quiet nights a week where talking above a whisper is forbidden. It would have a small menu of tasty treats prepared by anarchavist. It will have an on going “story hour” project where actors would read aloud from various obscure books (compiled and directed by myself). Plus, visiting authors doing readings and then sharing a drink.

Really, how is it not the best idea ever? anyone want to fund it? please!

(looking at google it seems there are a multitude of library bars but no way are they as amazing as my imaginary library bar)


2 Responses to the best idea ever

  1. The Older Hessel says:

    I’d question the overall business plan but, hey, Hanvnah and ananarchist can always come to our library bar, which is available 24-7.

  2. sas says:

    I would attend your Library Bar. Often.

    And I think I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. The Older Hessel’s comments rock.

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