the last night of the year

tomorrow night the new year begins, 5768. tonight is the last day of 5767. It’s always felt right to me to celebrate the new year in the fall. Not just because of the religious holiday but fall has always felt like a time starting over. This year more than ever as my roommate is now gone, as I move my belongings into the other room and as I get a new roommate. But it even without the moving it feels like a new beginning. Winter never feels that way, it just feels cold. December 31, though always fun, as our last new years party attested, always feels forced and false. There is something though about Rosh Hashana followed by Yom Kippur that gives me a full week. to think about my year. to think about my life. there will be some soul searching this week. it is the time for it. there will be some apologies, this is the time for it. and there will be joy and thankfulness. and i will eat more honey this week then i eat all year long, it is the time for it. L’shana tovah.

tomorrow i will eat indian food. as is the hessel traditon. Samosa’s with honey are the way we choose to ring in the new year. followed, of course, by two days in shul and massive lunches following. But if I were in NYC this year I would want very much to spend Erev Rosh Hashanna (tomorrow night) here. Drinking scotch, enjoying the theatrical music experience and pleased to see that young ‘hipster’ artists are finding a way to incorporate religious/spiritual feeling into their work without making it closed off to the non-believers, non-jewish, and non-affiliated.

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