no more shopping. i’m done.

Really. There is no more room, even after the three plus bags i disposed of during my swap. So no more. I make a vow to not buy any more items of clothing until spring. This does not include socks, tights and underwear all of which I am still in need of. But no more dresses, pants, shoes, bags, shirts, etc. And obviously no more ebay.

So to say goodbye to shopping i went all out at the annual arena stage costume sale. Last years was overwhelming, so crowded I ended up just grabbing things with out trying them on and buying a number of things that ended up in swapping piles this year. But today’s had just the right amount of people and I don’t think I made any poor purchases. So here is what I ended up with – all totaling $44:
2 skirts:
40s burgandy wool skirt1940s burgundy wool skirt. it’s a tiny bit large but very good condition and has a cute side pleat which the picture doesn’t show.
black miniblack high waisted mini skirt. fits me perfectly and is exactly what i’ve been looking for.
4 blouses:
yellow blouse with scalloped trim yellow silk with a great scalloped trim and cute buttons. i’m debating taking the arm pads out.
gauzy cotton shirt gauzy blue cotton shirt. i love the pattern and the huge puffed sleeves.
30s/50s lace bouse I’m fairly certain this very diaphanous lace blouse is from the 30s but it could be anytime between then and the 50s. definitely an original and in okay shape, there is some tearing on the fabric near the bottom and is also missing a back button.
edwardian silk blouse pink and lace silk edwardian style blouse. not an original. the back is a fake button up hiding a horrible made for stage concoction of snaps and hooks and eyes so it needs a little attention to make it wearable if i don’t want to take 40 minutes to get dressed.

1 vest:
men's vestmen’s creme evening vest. I can think of a billion things to wear this over
1 sweater:
shiny sweater frontshiny sweater back I love this small sequined wool sweater. it has unbelievable detail on the back and wrists.
1 scarf:
sequined scarf on headsequined scarf around neck This black sequined scarf was the most expensive single piece i bought ($10!) but it is so fun and i have the feeling I’ll be making use of it for a while.

1 hat:
brown hat 2brown hat 1 men’s brown vintage hat. fun for fall.
1 bag:
purse brownish/yellow velvet with bakelite clasp. the interior is in perfect condition. I’ve recently been loving oversized handbags so I’m very excited about this find.

Not too shabby for a final shopping spree.


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