she just wants to perfect us

really, she’s being nice. She just wants to perfect the Jews.  She wants to make us Christians because that’s what Christians are she says “perfected Jews.” I won’t quote more here but read the transcript of Ann Coulter on a CNBC show

Ann Coulter, already having proved herself a lunatic multiple times, now shows that anti-semitism is still a very ingrained part of American Christian conservative culture. The scary thing is, that she can’t see how what she is saying is hurtful, it’s just the way it is. Jesus saved the Christians from being Jews and hey, Jews are great people but they don’t have Jesus so, not perfect. Well, you know what Ann, I’d rather not be perfect. I’d rather think that perfection is not something I can attain. I would rather work on being good, on being open and caring, rather than archive perfection by a religious belief that looks down on others.


2 Responses to she just wants to perfect us

  1. natalie says:

    I love how she uses a Seinfeld evidence as a way to prove interracial couples have a chip on theor shoulder. Its funny because Seinfeld is created and written by Jews–she needs a fact checker and a lobotomy!

  2. The Older Hessel says:

    Coulter is of course one of the country’s most vitriolic commentators. Another is Michael Savage of The Savage Nation, conservative radio host. He regularly lambastes most everything that a rational person would support. Just tonight, he spoke about the possibility of a government run by that “Arch-Leninist Hillary Clinton”. Even I can’t figure out that one. And he believes we should attack Iran with a massive bombing campaign not tomorrow, but tonight.

    But on one topic, Savage (born Michael Alan Weiner in Queens) and I agree, and that is on what a despicable person Anne Coulter is. He treats her as badly he treats the Democrats for what he calls her anti-semitic bigotry.

    A caller on his show tonight made the mistake of saying that Anne Coulter was a good person, and certainly not anti-semitic. If Savage could have reached her, he would have slapped her face. What a stupid, low-intellect moron you are, he told the caller.

    The caller on the other hand said that all Coulter was trying to do was to bring the Jews to where God wants them, in line with Jesus. “You are such a bigot”, said Savage, “that you don’t even know you are a bigot.”

    “I am not”, said the caller, “it is you who is the bigot.” (of course, I am paraphrasing).

    And Savage responds: “how dare you call me a bigot!! who gives you that right?” And he hangs up with a classic line: “why don’t you just listen to W-KKK?”

    What’s sauce for the goose clearly has nothing to do with the gander.

    So, Michael Savage advocates religious freedom (until the bomb drops and we are all required to get on our knees facing Mecca to save our lives, he says), while hating the ACLU. And he says is tired, and he is bored, and he thought that he should be able to change the world, but has discovered that he can’t.

    “Isn’t there something better we can do with our time?”, he asks than waste it on talk radio?

    Now, he is saying something.

    As he said this afternoon, he is only a guy in a red flannel shirt with a poodle. He is only one voice.

    But don’t dare contradict him on his own show.

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