R.I.P. Deborah Kerr

Deborah Kerr’s obituary. Kerr was always elegant and carried herself beautifully, a quality that always makes me envious. Though I do find it interesting that the Post obit leads with The Kiss. For those who’ve no idea what the kiss was here’s a glimpse:

This is the kiss that shocked the sensors. It’s an interesting thing, a classy actress, upon dying to be remembered for a kiss. Shouldn’t she be remembered for her acting?

And here is the trailer for King and I which along with An Affair to Remember may be her most known roles. Of course, the singing is not her but the acting and combination of grace and strength certainly is:


One Response to R.I.P. Deborah Kerr

  1. hpmelon says:

    If upon my death I am remembered for an unforgettable kiss, that will be a great way to go out.

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