things to be excited about

This week is about theater. Go see a play. There are many many shows running right now. I’m considering a show Saturday night. Things I want to see include tick,tick…BOOM! (costume designed by my awesome intern), Made in China (the set concept is awesome), My Children! My Africa!, The Fall of the House of Usher, Ambition Facing West, The Trial and The Taming of the Shrew. yowza that’s a lot to see.

And you should go see Caligula at WSC. As Peter Marks gushed this morning, Alexander is amazing. Oh, and Speed-the-Plow opens this week.

So here’s what I’m excited about this week. If any of this interests you let me know and join me:

Tonight: Speed-the-Plow pay what you can.

Friday: British Sea Power at the Cat. They play a great live show. I’m excited to see them again.

Saturday: I won’t be going but Arena Stage is having a second costume sale so if you couldn’t make the first go and buy. Though be warned it may end in you realizing that you can’t buy anything more ever again.
And Saturday night, maybe a play?

Sunday: Opening day for Speed-the-Plow. Matinee performance followed by a panel discussion I’m very excited to be moderating. The panel includes a group of wonderful female women artists talking about Mamet. Read the blog entry I wrote on the Theater J Blog to learn more. And then Sunday night opening!

Tuesday: I’m going to a scotch tasting!!! scotch + hannah = happiness.


One Response to things to be excited about

  1. natalia says:

    let me know about what play you decide to catch on saturday night 🙂

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