things to be excited about

I am excited about the rain and cooler temperatures. Finally, it feels like fall, or like fall may be close. And I am excited that last night I wore my new Camper boots for the first time outside of the house. They did very well for me as I walked home from Erin’s birthday in torrential rain. Very exciting for the future of my feet.

Thursday: Tonight is Swedish singer Jens Lekman at the Black Cat. I have my ticket and I get to hang out a bit with the one and only Gwenergy. Jens is headlining but is not the last act which is both bizarre and intriguing.  Slate had an article this week on Jens and how he is “a fully realized pop genius.”

Friday: Continuing to get my theater on, seeing The Trial at Catalyst.

Saturday: If I were shopping I would get myself over to unsung designers  likty-split.  Project beltway alerted me that they are closing the offline shop and having huge sales the next few Saturdays.  But instead of doing that I will be staying home, reading scripts and hopefully work on a number of sewing projects that have built up. Saturday night I have plans for dinner and wii playing with friends I haven’t seen in way too long.

Sunday: Speed-the-Plow work work work

Tuesday: The annual High Heel Drag Race is happening. Haven’t decide yet if it will be worth the crowds this year.


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