you sound like elvis to me

jens lekman = happiness. so much happiness.

one of the best shows i’ve ever seen. more tomorrow. now. bed.

update: it’s now morning and I think I’m still not ready to fully write up the show last night. There will be more later. It made me think about the experience of seeing live music vs seeing theater (and vis versa) so that will have to be written up. but not yet. for now I will say how happy I am that I bought this:

I purchased Jens album “Night Falls over Kortedala” on vinyl. And in a move which I think is brilliant, with every record you also get a code to download the album for free. So now I can listen on my record player or on my computer. Which makes so much sense for me since the only time I listen to CDs is in my car. Anyway, I’m listening now and it’s brilliant. My happiness has carried through to the morning.

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