R.I.P. Robert Goulet

Most people my age only know Robert Goulet as a character of himself, from Will Farrel skits on SNL, from the bizarre commercial for nuts where he causes havoc, they know his turtlenecks and think was he a singer? But of course he did have a beautiful rich voice and made a name for himself on the broadway stage.

Growing up, I must admit, my two favorite pastimes were watching old movies on AMC (which then actually played old movies) and listening to my musical theater record collection. I listened to all the original, and revival cast recordings, I heard Goulet singing ‘If ever I would leave you.’ And at the tender age of 7 I swooned. And I must admit that even now at 26, my musical obsessions turning from musicals to Indie rock, my time spent watching non-musical theater, though still happy to watch any movie made before 1965, I still got excited every time the commercial for nuts came on TV. I mean who wouldn’t want Goulet to come into their office and mess with their stuff:

and here is Goulet and Barbara Cook singing the Broadway hits of 1962


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