scary/not scary

Scary: Math, and the fact that it seems no matter how much time I spend trying to relearn it I can’t seem to get it.  The GRE and the fact I have less than a month left to study. That I am applying to graduate school and have less than two months to put together my applications. And what scares me the most, if I get it all done, get it in, do a good job and get accepted I have to change my whole life, leave DC and go back to school.

Not Scary: October 31. Commercial holidays blow. Wedding anniversaries rock! Happy anniversary Mom and Dad.

2 Responses to scary/not scary

  1. germy says:

    this is my favorite commercial holiday, on account of you get to be someone you aren’t.
    also, this:

  2. germy says:

    oh it didn’t work. no images for me. its here:

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