a little scary a lot of fun

it’s not that i dislike Halloween. In fact, I really enjoyed this one. Though, I did find getting dressed in the morning very difficult. I didn’t want to wear a costume, and actually am not allowed to for work, but realized so much of what I own could in some way be perceived by someone as a costume. So I went with all black and simple with a gray sweater. No orange.

It was great trick or treating weather.  As I drove to pick up a friend I passed so many adorable little costumed wee things. Little police, little cows, little octopuses. So much better than the half dressed twenty somethings I spied much later on in the evening. My friend and I drove past these little costumed beings and into the scariest place of all, Virginia.

We went to see Synetic Theater’s House of Usher, which is playing through the weekend. It was the perfect Halloween event as it combined with their Vampire Ball. I haven’t read Poe’s story since high school and many of the storytelling details got lost in Synetic’s beautiful  and detailed imagery and movement. It’s hard not to love their work and the risks they take in storytelling.

It was also hard not to love the risks that the audience took in their costuming. The post-show costume contest had at least 20 different contestants. We stayed at the Ball for a bit, drank a little wine and talked to the costume multitudes and non-costumed few and then left. Getting out of VA proved even more frightening. Key bridge was backed up beyond belief so we cut across traffic to get to other options. Finally, we found ourselves back in the safe ground of DC, though now scared by the half dressed costumed hordes in Adams Morgan. But the rest of the night was entertaining as we drank champagne from cans (an idea that Sofia Coppola obviously stole from Andrea), ate falafel and did some dancing.

One Response to a little scary a lot of fun

  1. michelle says:

    that is so random that you mentioned octopus costumes! I had two babies show up in them this week and thought it was the greatest baby costume i ever saw! i have been telling everybody!

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