things to be excited about

Friday: The Trial at Catalyst. I was going to go last week but the rain and unhappy happenings in my friend’s family adjusted my plans. Instead I got to watch 12 Monkeys  (which I had never seen and loved) and sew some bear arms. But this week I’ll actually make it to Capitol Hill.

Saturday: I’m getting a message. So that is nice and hopefully relaxing so I don’t stress out too much about THE EXTREME EXCHANGE EXTRAVAGANZA. eXeX the political theater group I’m involved with is having a fundraising party.  It should be a great deal of fun but of course I always get stressed out that no one will come, or too many people will come and there won’t be enough to eat or drink. But I’m sure it will be perfect. If you want to come and didn’t get the evite let me know and I’ll send you all the relevant information. Oh, and check out the blog for the awesome candidate round ups Gwen has been creating.

Sunday: FALL BACK. So losing an hour of sleep after the party, not that excited for that. But in the late morning I’m heading downtown to a hotel for a Sarah Lawrence Alumni brunch to meet and greet with the new president of SLC. Going straight from there to work for the matinee and the post show discussion (Local Producers Hollywood War Stories). And going straight from there back downtown to first rehearsal of ANTIGONE with Forum. Long day, I’ve a feeling I will be very excited to hit my bed once it’s all over.

UPDATES: No massage anymore. It got cancelled boo. but I am dumb and got my springing forward, falling back messed up. I actually gain an hour. woo!


2 Responses to things to be excited about

  1. thinkingarthur says:

    You aren’t losing an hour, you are gaining an hour. In fact, since you thought you were losing an hour, you are in effect gaining two hours!

  2. Jonathan says:

    Hey Hannah,

    Art is right. Thanks for checking out my blog. Yours is a cool blog, and although we might be “worlds apart,” in more than one sense of that, we’re still “all in the family,” as Art suggests in his blog. Have a great weekend!


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