bread. you know you want it.

who doesn’t like bread? well maybe those people doing the atkins thing. But really, bread is great. In particular fresh bread, using all natural ingredients, and baked by hand with care by someone you know.

Last night I got my first delivery from the baker. Two loafs, one rye and one raisin pecan. Jealous right?  You can get in on it too, here’s how it works. Kyle is a baker. He bakes. He sends an email to his list (which you can get on)saying which breads he’s baking and calls for orders. You email back saying I want one, two, five hundred etc, of which every type strikes your fancy. Then he delivers!

Delivery was only in the Silver Spring area but he’s agreed to do a DC drop. At the moment he is just dropping to me so if any other DCers want to join in the fun, they may have to pick up their breads from me. Check out his bread porn website and email him to join the list. If you want to get in on the DC drop just let him know that you are a friend of mine. (I’m assuming if you are reading this you are, though that may be a large assumption.)


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