wee! my work is in the post!

Check it out: Today’s backstage column has a full 4 paragraphs on eXtreme eXchange! This is the most publicity we’ve gotten for an edition and I’m sure it will pay off with a good audience. If only I could be there for it.

Plus, Forum’s announced season: wee! Rehearsals for Antigone are going extremely well. It’s got a wonderful and smart cast. Hearing the play read takes me back to my high school years when I was absolutely obsessed with it. There is something about Antigone that is so high school. So absolute, so black and white, such high stakes, she is practically Angela Chase. And at that time I admired the strength that she had, her knowledge of what was right and wrong and the power to stick with it. Now reading it over I come from such a different perspective. Now it is Creon’s story for me. Now I don’t understand her absolute dedication and I want to find a way to make everyone happy. Now I side with the man who needs to run his country. I side with the man who is stuck in is own edict. Who doesn’t embrace his choice but knows that it is the one he must make. Now I see his tragedy. It’s interesting that the play, which is frequently viewed as very political, is very much about growing up.


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