things to be excited about

this weekend is very theatrical. and very woolly. The National New Play Network is having their annual national showcase of new plays and this year it is held at woolly.  I am currently planning on seeing at least three readings though I may try for more. In non-new play network stuff I am looking forward to:

Saturday: I was already planning on going shopping at Go Mamma Go to get some fun and interesting housewarming gifts for two upcoming parties. I just saw in the Post that the lovely owner just died. The Post article is a nice tribute to someone who always seemed very full of life and created an amazing store.

Then up to Mt Pleasant for a housewarming/wii party with my same wii loving friends who fed me dinner two weeks ago. Wii will be followed by dancing at the cat where unexcitedly it is Mousetrap but very excitedly there is a new dance night in the backstage that is described as “PARTY LIGHTS: 60s Soul, Girl Groups, Garage, French Pop, and more!” Sounds like music to make my soul happy. (french pop, french pop, french pop!)

Sunday: I am leading another post-show discussion following Speed-the-Plow.  This one is on Mamet’s book The Wicked Son. A book that makes me bristle. It is sure to be another lively discussion.
After work it is back to Woolly to see Now What? And then staying after the show to help run the tech/dress rehearsal for eXtreme eXchange.

Monday: I’m taking Monday off from work to focus on the GRE studying and essay writing I am unable to do due to new play readings. Monday night I am back at work for the reading of Kathleen Tolan’s new play What to Listen For. But my heart will be back at Woolly for eXtreme eXchange Edition #5. It’s a great group of political plays each espousing the views of one presidential candidate. I hopefully will make my way back downtown after the reading at the J to celebrate with the eXtreme eXchangers.


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