things to be excited about: thanksgiving edition

AMC is thankful for the movies today and sitting on my couch watching Shadow of a Doubt, I too am thankful for movies. Which is odd since I rarely get to watch movies. But it is true that watching an old movie, one I already love or one I just discovered makes me endlessly happy. As does good drama, watching the rehearsal of Antigone last night I remember why I love my career: blending storytelling with constant questioning.  I am thankful for having the oppertunity to do professionally what I want, and have always wanted.  Storytelling and questioning is also the base of my religious/cultural identity and I am thankful to be a Jew.  I am also thankful for this city.  I’ve started to realize how much this city means to me, as friends start to leave town or plan their departure, as I work on my grad school applications, and realize that there is a chance that I won’t be in this city I love next year. I am particularly thankful for the theater community in DC. A community in which is so open and active. And has given me many friends.  Which reminds me, I am thankful for my friends.

So this week in excitement:

Today: obviously, it’s thanksgiving. I’m heading soon to my parents house for what I’m sure will be a delicious thanksgiving dinner. To be followed by GRE studying. After all, a week from today is the fateful day in which I take the GRE.

Friday: mainly studying and working on applications all day. My plan is to finish my resume and print out and send my recommendation forms.  And then at night seeing Current Nobody and hanging out with old friends.

Saturday: More of the same, studying, writing, working, dinner with family and hang out with my friends who have come to town for the holiday.  The perk of living in your home town is that everyone comes to you. The downside is what happens tomorrow…

Sunday: work. work. followed by more work. Everyone is out of town so I have to work both shows plus stage the 5X5 a series of short plays that I coordinate on the last performance of all of our productions.

Monday: First rehearsal of Shlemiel the First.

Tuesday: study study study

Wednesday: study study eXtreme eXchange debate watch party at Playbill Cafe study study

Thursday: GRE!!!!


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