good things

Happy Birthday to you (dad conducts)
My dad’s surprise birthday party was an absolute success. My mother and his office put together a great party filled with friends from all corners of his life. My sister and I were responsible for getting him to the resturant. This is how it worked, my mom told him she was going to yoga. He was upset that she wouldn’t be joining for a birthday dinner but he let her go. My sister and I were to be taking him to dinner at our local Chinese restaurant. We were to meet at his house at 6:30 pm. We both did but I entered and Michelle waited in the car for 15 minutes. Michelle arrived 15 minutes late and kept stalling, so we could guarantee that everyone would have arrived at the party by the time we got there.

We walked up to the resturant and dad asked what he asks every birthday “Is this a surprise party? Is the resturant filled with everyone I know?”

And Michelle answered as she usually answers, “Yes, of course.”

We walk by the front window and Dad comments, “wow, it’s really crowded tonight,” he pauses, “Alison (my cousin) is here” he pauses, he gets it. We enter. The party was great fun with his office getting him back for years of thrift store T-shirt gifts at christmas by giving him piles of T-shirts all of which he put on at once. More pictures from the party are here.

In other good things, we had first rehearsal for Shlemiel the First yesterday. It is such a joyful show with such talent working on it, I’m very excited. It reminded me how much I really do love musicals. Telling a story with song carries something out of mundane and into the heavens.


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