fingers crossed

that Bush’s administration will actually achieve something before he, thankfully, will stop being my neighbor. But of course he was the only one in the room turning the process from the difficult emotional and political struggle it is into part of his own larger fictional struggle of TERRORISM,

“The battle is underway for the future of the Middle East, and we must not cede victory to the extremists,” he said. “With their violent actions and contempt for human life, the extremists are seeking to impose a dark vision on the Palestinian people, a vision that feeds on hopelessness and despair to sow chaos in the Holy Land. If this vision prevails, the future of the region will be endless terror, endless war and endless suffering.”

Who are these extremists? Hamas? Iran? This is the problem mr. president, the struggle of the middle east has been difficult since both sides have a tendancy to demonize the other, to make them the heartless enemy without acknowledging their struggles. Yesterday there was a glimmer of hope as both sides did finally verbalize that the pain and desires of the other is real. When I read Olmert’s speech,

For dozens of years, many Palestinians have been living in camps, disconnected from the environment in which they grew, wallowing in poverty, neglect, alienation, bitterness, and a deep, unrelenting sense of deprivation…I know that this deprivation is one of the deepest foundations which fomented the ethos of hatred towards us. We are not indifferent to this suffering. We are not oblivious to the tragedies you have experienced  (quote found out Jewschool)

I felt shivers, really. Thank you Olmert, finally. Let’s acknowledge what is going on and move from there to make things better, not just try to wash over the pain with an idea of peace that would never take root without looking at each others pain.

The most interesting Annapolis coverage I found was from Jewcy who invited two cousins to blog about their experiences of the day. One from the outside and one from with in. Read the coverage here. On a side note, have I mentioned before how much I love Jewcy. It’s a great site and their combination of blogs always touch on subjects of interest to me.  If I had the time I could spend hours reading through the entries but as it is I do a quick glance once or twice a day just to note what is new and interesting without fully reading. Excitingly I just discovered that Aaron Davidman, performance artist/artistic director/friend of Theater J, just started blogging the process of writing his new play, now called “A Jerusalem Between Us” that was birthed at Theater J this summer during our Voices from a Changing Middle East Festival. You can see his blog entry here.

Tonight extreme exchange is throwing a debate watch party. I’ll pop in for a litte bit as a respite from GRE study (test tomorrow). The official information:

Debate Watch Party

November 28th 7:30pm at
Playbill Cafe 1409 14th St. NW

Join us for
The CNN YouTube Debate
as the Republican presidential candidates face video questions from the CNN/YouTube audience .   Sip on a debate-themed drink, cheer or jeer at the screen, and play a little buzzword bingo.  Don’t be late—all the action starts right at 8pm.


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