things to be excited about

THE GRE’S ARE DONE!!! That is the thing I am the most excited about. They are done and they went well. I made all the goals I had set for myself, still have to hear back about the essays but I felt really good about them. There is no doubt, the GRE is stressful. I sat there in my cubical freaking out through the whole thing (except the essays which didn’t phase me at all – i guess i’m used to writing in a box on a screen).  But my stress level was assuaged  by having a partner in crime. Taking the GRE with a friend made it tolerable. You have someone to make you feel guilty when you aren’t studying, commiserate with when you are and celebrate with when you are done.  Luckily we both did well, if we hadn’t it may have been a different story. The rest of the day was spent drinking, eating a huge italian meal and hanging out; talking about all of the stuff we hadn’t talked about while we had been too busy studying.  And anyone listening to our conversation would have needed a dictionary, the GRE words are still strong for the time being.  So, a huge thank you to Jeremy for making GRE day awesome.

Tonight: Cryfest at the Black Cat. Put a pinch of Morrissey with a pinch of Robert Smith add dc hipsters and what do you get? A bunch of sad white boys dancing to sad white boy music. Awesome.  I’m there with my dancing shoes on. (Or maybe not, just got an email about a party – plans may shift)

Saturday: Still debating joining my family to see the matinee  of my sister’ show with the British Embassy players, I want to, I enjoy a good panto. But I have to write my essay for the Antigone program this weekend, and oh, grad school applications. So guessing I will have to pass, sorry Michelle. Break a leg!

And speaking of the Panto they were on TV. Check out how cute my sister is as Snow White:

Saturday night I have to be at the J, playing bartender to the J-On Demand pre-show cocktail hour before Shorter Films, Bigger Lives a collection of short films presented by the Washington Jewish Film Festival. A word about the festival: Awesome. A word about the films selected: Fascinating. A word about what you should do: GO. Check out the full schedule of films here. The festival runs all week with 44 features, documentaries and shorts from 11 countries at nine venues. After my bartending stint I’ll head up town to celebrate Simone’s birthday!

Sunday: Antigone rehearsals. It opens in a week. Check out the new Forum website. Buy Tickets. Woo.

Wednesday:  The film fest offering I am most excited about: Jewish Luck, a Soviet era silent Yiddish film being shown with a new original score performed live by One Ring Zero (as loyal readers know, a band that makes me swoon). It’s at AFI Silver and I shall be there with a silly grin on my face. Buy Tickets.

4 Responses to things to be excited about

  1. michelle says:

    are you kidding me?

  2. germy says:

    and a big ‘ol thank ya right back. yesterday and the whole endeavor was made far more tractable by your presence and encouragement throughout. And yesterday post test was most refreshing. now we must channel our momentum towards the other hard stuff. But one major hurdle down. And as far as the eye can see there is nary a fractional equivalent of the sum of some inane sequence of integers as represented by this function which can be plotted on the xy plane inscribed by the shaded circular region to find the area of to be found. and thank God for that.

  3. stacey says:

    delurking just to say…

    congratulations! and good luck with the applications. 🙂

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