is it breaking a vow if i need it

I need new shoes for winter. bad. I’ve got boots and summer shoes and shoes with holes. No good. My trusty 2 year old green pumas have developed a hole on the top so the idea was to replace them. I’ve been looking around all morning and I’m considering one of these two shoes:

The Puma Roma Brogue

or The Speed Cat (what I had before). I wanted it in Blue but they don’t have my size so I have the choice of brown or black.

But I’m having a horrible time making up my mind (I know, surprising). Maybe I should just wait until I fall in love with a pair of shoes. Not shopping has made me not want to shop. But I can’t spend winter in bare feet.

Unfortunately, I am in love with some shoes. These Campers make me drool. But can’t really take the place of the pumas, sigh, they may have to wait until spring. Or I may go for it. But then it would breaking my vow, as it would be purchasing for pleasure. Though maybe I do need them, they are just simple black dress and casual shoes with a twist. I would certainly get wear out of them. The heel is just the right height. Sigh. Drooool.


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