things to be excited about

Antigone opens this weekend! There are pay-what-you-can performances tonight and tomorrow night. The show is at H Street Playhouse. All the info is here.

And if you want to go see a play this weekend go and see Josh Lefkowitz’s Now What? running through Sunday at Woolly Mammoth. It’s one of the best one man shows I have ever seen. Original, funny and poignant, it is really not to be missed. So if you have time to make it to one of the remaining 4 shows, GO. All the info here. 

Tonight: All the girls from the J (minus one who couldn’t make it) are hanging out, something we rarely all get the chance to do. We are going a sneak peek of Sweeney Todd, which though am excited about I am nervous. I’m guessing that visually and conceptually it will be awesome but i just can’t imagine I will be won over by  Johnny Depp’s singing voice.

Tomorrow: going to a 10 am special school performance of Antigone. Tomorrow night is filled with holiday celebrations; my parents house for Chanukah/Shabbat dinner and then to a co-workers Christmas party (yes, i work with non-Jews as well).

Saturday: During the day I am working, work, work, work. The plan is to have my two Columbia personal statements a draft away from done by the end of the weekend. Saturday night is Antigone opening.

 Sunday: matinée  of Antigone followed by post-show discussion. Continued work on essays. Goodbye party for Josh Lefkowitz (go see his show!).

Monday: I was supposed to be at a benefit at the J with Judy Collins but got out of it to help run the Chanukah Happy Hour on the Hill (the J’s biggest young professional events of the year). I believe my job is to get there early, put put all sorts of fun/tacky decorations and then I think I’m going to be collecting money and stamping hands. Oh, and looking for a husband, obviously.

Though if it were up to me I would want to be a the reading of The Wonderful World of Zidney by Shawn Northrip and music by Mike Pettry at Metro Stage (directed by City Mouse).  I saw a reading of Zidney a few months ago and find it twisted and funny. So if you love or hate Walt Disney and love musicals that equal the number of songs to the number of people killed then go to the reading.

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