I’ve just about finished essay number one, the autobiography. A couple of people have looked at it, given notes, so I’m just cleaning it up. It’s still running about 100 words too long. So it looks like I will have to actually erase a chunk of my life. Five hundred words is really nothing. So little.

I am working on essay number two, my theatrical objectives.  I’m about half way through but it is hard not to be distracted when I’m sitting in the box office at H street. I can hear through my left ear the performance of Antigone and through my right the whispered conversation of my colleges, also waiting with me for the show to end. And whenever I look up the distraction of people wandering the streets and cars driving by. My desk at home, facing the alley, is a much better spot for writing. And tonight, once the show and post-show discussion is over, I will return to my desk. Put a record on my turntable, I worked very productively to Billie Holiday yesterday, and write write write for a few hours. Stopping maybe for some soup, perfect for this damp and chilly day.

The theatrical objectives essay is difficult. There is so much I could say about the artists who have influenced me. There is so much I could say about my dreams for a space in which to work with artists of multiple genres to develop of new plays. A few months ago while doing some brainstorming I came up with a sentence that sums up my ‘personal objectives:’

A desire to keep pushing to find ways to test the limits of theater while still making it relevant to an audience and a service to the community.

So there you have it, my mission statement in a sentence. And just so you know this posting is 341 words. Less than two hundred more and it is an application essay.


3 Responses to distractions

  1. hpmelon says:

    Did you mean to say ‘whispered conversation of my colleagues’, cus you wrote colleges? Very funny…

  2. hanvnah says:

    yes. my silly typo. thanks oh mighty proof reader!

  3. hpmelon says:

    I am just saying it is very freudian or whatever. I think you should leave it that your colleges are whispering to you. They are? In their own way, aren’t they?

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