hanukkah oh chanukah

the holiday is moving right along and will soon be over. I haven’t been keeping up with lighting candles at home, though they do get lit at work. But none the less, I have been rather celebratory. I have eaten my share of latkes (both my mom’s wonderful crispy ones served with homemade apple sauce and brisket and the cafe at works thick ones served with apple sauce non-dairy sour cream and sufganiyot). I have been to my share of parties (opening night, goodbye). I have celebrated Jewish art by seeing One Ring Zero performing their brand new score to the 1925 silent film Jewish Luck. If there was more time I would share more thoughts of this film, made in a time of religious tolerance, a look into a world that has been lost (Odessa and close by shtetls), a world so close to us and yet so far, and a look at my own history (my mother found one of the actors to be the spitting image of her father, who also came from a shtetl background). And it was great to share it with my parents, city mouse, brian and jorge and their buddies.

And then there was last night: Hannukah Happy Hour the biggest jewish young professionals event of the year. For three hours I sat on a stool at the door to a Capitol Hill bar, collecting $5 and marking the hands of the 650 young Jews flooding through the doors. At 9 pm I was finally able to stand and get myself a drink. The place was still packed though the happy hour prices had ended. It seemed from my quick glance around the packed floor I was on (there were two others which I have been told were equally packed) that people were having a great time. So all in all a success. I was glad though to finish up my drink, catch a cab and head home to bed and my deconstructed bathroom.



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