mixed reviews almost make me spit out my oatmeal

I read this morning, “modern costumes, such as Creon’s hideous brown suit — no fashion plate, this guy! — are suitable reflections on the characters’ personalities,” and nearly spit out my oatmeal. Or rather, would have made me spit my oatmeal but it was still on the stove. But even so, now I type with my oatmeal sitting next to me and I want to put a spoonful in my mouth so I can spit it out while rereading. Really??!!??

You can’t really tell from the photo accompanying the review on the Post’s website but Creon’s suit is HOT. I’m telling you. It is an amazing suit, looks great and I’ve have maybe three or four conversations with other forumites since he first put it on about how amazing it looks. So Celia Wren may be a decent reviewer but no fashion critic, that girl!

So it’s not a great review, not horrible but certainly worse than what our hard working talented crew deserves. And in this town a Post review that isn’t raving is not going to help. She says some good things but all in all it gets lost in a negative glow. You can read the full review here. 

But there have been some good notices.  A gushingly good review on DC Theatre Scene. The reviewer seems to have a bit of a crush on Michael calling him a “wonder-guy.” Maybe we should make him a superhero costume? The review is filled with wonderful notes on almost every detail of the play. Read the full thing here. But if you don’t have time for the full long review at least take a look on how she ends it,

Through this production, Forum Theater accomplishes its mission “of exploring different styles of storytelling to illuminate new perspectives and new topics within a story.”  Now starting its fourth season in a steady (and secure?) place for a change, the company can concentrate even more ferociously on its artistic endeavors. If they were able to produce provocative gems (including the acclaimed Valparaiso) while scrounging around scratching for space, just imagine what awaits us now.  Stay tuned.

Nice little plug for the company. And also a good review on Potomac Stages, who calls it “a fascinating re-telling of a classic with superb performances.” And he at least acknowledges Creon’s “well tailored” suit.  Read the full review here. Other reviews bound to come as the week goes on.

In other Forum news, I will be directing a reading of Charles Mee’s Iphigenia 2.0 on Monday night, December 17, 7:30 pm at. Cancel your other plans and come. Here are a couple reasons why – I have a stellar cast (which is almost done being put together and I will announce when done), I haven’t directed  a reading of something I’ve been enthused about for a while (just gotten the dregs of the J scripts we couldn’t find other directors for), it’s a play with real possibility for Forum, and because it’s a Monday night, there are no shows (true, there is one other reading in town, sorry Jackie I won’t be able to make it). So I hope to see you all (whoever you are) there.

And good news from City Paper: “But its an austerity thats well-suited to the particular demands of this flinty, intelligent play, and Forum pulls it off with a clear-eyed rigor thats impressive and welcome.”


One Response to mixed reviews almost make me spit out my oatmeal

  1. dctsor says:

    Re: Iphigenia 2.0. Can you send the details to us here for posting on DC Theatre Scene? lorraine@dctheatrescene.com

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