water water everywhere but not in my taps

Coming home last night from dinner I noticed there was some work being done on my street. ‘Odd,’ I thought, ‘work being done on a sunday night after 10 pm.’ I went inside, brushed my teeth, went to bed. Waking up and visiting the restroom in the middle of the night I was dismayed to find the toilet wouldn’t flush. I was too tired to deal with the issue and figured it had something to do with the now done remodeling and I would deal when awake in the morning. I wake up, grab my towel excited to take a shower in my brand new lovely shower. and no. no water. no water in any taps at all. A visit to the DC water and sewer site confirms, work still being done on the block. Boo, one more day of showering at the J.

Rehearsal of Iphigenia 2.0 went well last night. It’s a great cast and I’m really excited for the reading. And once more I am overjoyed by dc actors so willing to give of their time for so little. It’s so lovely. Hopefully, we’ll get some audience for them.


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