clean and happy

I just took a shower. in my own house! it’s been over a week and it was lovely. lovely new spa-like shower. I will enjoy spending much more time with you.

I also came home last night to a new window. Which is great, keeps the cold out. But, it’s set closer in than the last window and I lost the  swell edge where i stored things such as a box filled with pins, an art deco pen stand (which i think was actually supposed to be a cigarette stand),  a vintage green glass with a mixer stick with a hula girl on it, and a pink and purple plastic sword from the county fair. Now, I have to find other places in my room for such wonders.

There was one more surprise about the new window, since it is closer in, it is also larger. Which means, that the blinds leave a two inch gap on either side. Not a good thing when it is a window that faces a very public alley.  But not a big deal, since the workmen took the Indian throw I bought this weekend at Rorschach’s yard sale(which had found a spot to live on my bed) and hung it as a curtain.

The reading yesterday went very well despite the small (but loyal) audience. We had a great discussion after and hopefully as Forum continues to do programs such as this we’ll gather more of an audience.


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