things to be excited about

I have the most boring dreams. I mean really, friends tell me their dreams, these elaborate stories. Last night I dreamt about reading in the paper about Britney Spears’ knocked up sister. I mean really?! That’s what my subconscious pulls up? To be fair though, I was in Tuscany while reading the paper, so I guess that’s something.

I would guess that most people are very excited about the next week. After all it is the biggest holiday week in America, people are going home, seeing friends, family, giving gifts and not working. Well, not so much me. This week seems to have more work than usual. This is the week I HAVE TO finish my Columbia application. Plus, with everyone else on vacation someone needs to work. So yeah, not too much to be excited about this week.

Tonight: Opening Shlemiel the First. The show is looking great and as I said before it’s toe-tapping joy.

Tomorrow: Taking the day off work to do application stuff. I get a drop off from the bread man. He made special holiday cakes and I’m looking forward to my Golden Olive Oil Cake. And then Chinese food with my Chinese food buddy who I haven’t seen in a while.

Saturday: 2 pm matinée of Antigone. It’s a Pay What You Can so come on by. And speaking of Antigone you can read my dramaturgy notes on the NEW forum blog: To be followed by a post show discussion. Then off to Theater J to work the evening Shlemiel.

Sunday: 3 pm matinée of Shlemiel and work on applications in the afternoon.

Monday: No matter how much my co-worker tries I will not be here, here or here.

Tuesday: I will be here. In part because it’s my job, and in part because I do feel that it is my responsibility as someone who does not celebrate Christmas to help those who are in need, to make the day special for them. The D25 Community Service project at the J is such a wonderful event and if you are sitting around with nothing to do on Christmas come by. Over 1,000 volunteers come together to do a variety of service projects at over 60 social service agencies, serving over 10,000 underprivileged people. There still are spots available so register today.


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