merry christmas to the goys, happy chinese food to the heebs

I love this vintage Christmas card (found on Trouble in Paradise) especially for the blue robe and Jewish star. Is he a Jewish santa?

I’m on my way over to the J for big community service day. I’ve been feeling rather ‘ba humbug’ the past few days but there are things I love about this time of year. I love that people smile while walking down the street. I love the decorations, the lights trees, the wreaths on doors. I love christmas songs, when you hear them once, on christmas, sung with passion. And I love both my cousin Donna and the lovely Gwen, who were both born on this day.

I just wrote out my whole ‘bah humbug’ things that frustrate me about Christmas time rant, but in the spirit of the day erased it. Have a good one!




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