things to be excited about

so close to being done with the first application. I’ve got one essay to finish, two to tell myself I’ve done enough proofing, and a portfolio to find someway to non-permanently bind. Oh, and I need to track down one of my recommendations. And that’s it.

Today: finish all of the above. Lead a post-show discussion tonight after Shlemiel.

Tomorrow: Going to a funeral (this is not something to be excited about, I know). One of Theater J’s long time council members died two days ago. A lovely 95 year old woman filled with spunk, humor and intelligence. And it reminds me I only have a week to go to the Hirshhorn to see her husband’s retrospective (Morris Louis Now: An American Master Revisited) before it closes. Sometime next week, I don’t know when, I shall go.

Send in my application, i hope. Celebrate with a friend, I’m guessing with some sort of delicious meal and probably a trip to the cat (where I haven’t really been in a very long time).

Saturday: Forum matinee and then over to the J for an in-house reading of a new play we will have commissioned, this is just a first chance for the playwright to hear it and figure out next steps.

Sunday: matinée of Shlemiel. Tentative plans to hang out with friends.  Start making a to do list for application number two.

Monday: Say goodbye to 2007.  (oh, and happy birthday to charles)

Tuesday: Say hello to 2008. (oh, and happy birthday to jackie)


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