things to be excited about

i just joined I think it may have raped my address book, so if you got an email from me asking you to join, I’m sorry. It’s not that I don’t want you to join, I’d love to be able to share book reviews with you, it’s just that I hate websites. So needy for attention. I’m not sure what I think of goodreads yet but I do like the idea of tracking what I’m reading, which at the moment is very very little, and I do like the idea of being able to see what my friends recommend. So we shall see how it goes, if you are on it, do be come my friend.

Application goal for the weekend: finish at least one draft of the personal statement, type out my outline for essay and start to fill it in.

Today: I’m cutting out of work in the middle of the day for an hour or two to go to the Hirshhorn to finally see the Morris Lewis exhibit before it closes. One of our council member, who works as a docent, is leading the tour and I’m very excited.

Friday: Sorted. Black Cat.

Saturday: I’m getting a massage from a friend who is studying and required to give a couple of massages a week. And at night going to see Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind. I’ve never seen the neo-futurists and am very excited.

Sunday: matinee of Shlemiel at the J

Monday: Rabbi Sam a one-man show, part of the Incubator New Play Workshop Series. It’s happening both Monday and Tuesday nights.

Tuesday: Hanging out with Lefkowitz who is back in the area doing his show at CenterStage in Baltimore. If you missed Now What? while it was at Woolly, it’s worth the trip to Baltimore. Trust me.


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