things to be excited about

Friday: Alexander Strain makes his DC directorial debut with the 17th century Spanish play Life Is A Dream. All the relevant information is available on the Journeymen Theater web page.

Saturday: Must do application work in the morning. Must. In the afternoon and evening I will be over at the H Street Theatre for the Inkwell Theater/eXtreme eXchange co-production.  The official blurb:

eXtreme eXchange: Making Political Theatre With a Pulse

at H Street Playhouse  8:00pm

In a town that’s begging for a political theatre scene, eXtreme eXchange does its part by gathering DC area theatre artists to explore the issues that are on our minds, but not always on our stages.  Through the popular X-play series, XX artists have tackled American Hegemony, The Iraq War, and most recently the 2008 presidential race.

For this special event, The Inkwell partners with XX to present an evening of short plays, hand-picked from XX’s past 5 editions, and geared toward exploring the following question:  how do  DC playwrights, directors and actors collaborate to create political theatre that’s both political and theatrical? The performance will be followed by a post-show discussion between audience and artists, allowing us to focus on that very question.  Join us for an evening that’s sure to be as thought provoking as it is entertaining. 

unofficially: I will be on stage. Yes, me, on stage. Performing, did I mention that, performing.  ok? can you handle it?

Sunday: All Shlemiel All the time.

Monday: Reading at the J of a play based off of Studs Turkel’s book Will the Circle Be Unbroken? 

Tuesday: My mamma is cooking a vegan meal for me and my best friend, who is sadly moving in two weeks.  We also have a family friend in town from Israel so it will be a nice reunion.

Wednesday: I am going to see what I referred to earlier as the ‘secret play’ it is no longer a secret, it is now referred to as the Christmas Play.  The play is put together by a great creative TEAM (led by as I named him before Dan the Man). THEY are making the effort to rethink how theater is produced, which I totally admire.  Word is the entire run is completely sold out. I have ended up with a couple more tickets than I need if anyone wants to join Wednesday let me know, I’m driving. I’m excited.


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